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Grey and Green (Stray Thoughts)     
  Published in 1975.
State book club, Hyd-500029.
Price: Rs. 6/- Pp: 40, demy 1/8.
Sanjiva dev contemplated on several aspects of life and universe. He gave deep thought but depicted in his own style. For example he says, “to live is to love”. “Presence is absence”. These sayings may look like riddles. But actually they are the words from his penetrating deep thought.
A Paidi Raju    
Published in 1978.
Andhra Pradesh Lalita Kala Academy
Hyderabad - 500004. Pp: 52(comprises of English, Telugu and Hindi versions).
Paidi Raju as an artist, was born in 1919, studied at Madras school of arts and toured places in India including Santhinikatan. Sanjiv Dev edited the small volume consisting of articles of various writers. Sanjiva Dev has seen equilibrium of vision and design in the painter.