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First Publication in 1985.
Published by Kanthi Kunja,4-13-8 Ithanagar,
Tenali, India,
Reprinted in 1999.
Price: Rs.40,
U.S. $: 5/-
Pp: 150.
Professor K. Satchidananada Murty wrote preface to this philosophical moorings of Sanjiva dev.

Mr. Sanjiva Dev's in depth analysis and understanding of emotions, feelings, sensations, can be seen in this book. The aphoristic style added to the beauty of the subject. The author touched biography, psychology, aesthetics, woven in harmonious way. The intellectual depth of the artist can be appreciated by any careful attention to the subject.









Creative Analysis









First Publication in 2001.
Published by Dr.Sanjiva Dev Foundation,4-13-8 Ithanagar,
Tenali, India,
Price: Rs.200,
U.S. $5/-
Pp: 292.

1. Creative Analysis 2. Creation and Artist 3. My Paintings 4. Modern Art in India
5. Absolute Art 6. Three ‘isms’ in Pictorialism 7. Andhra sculpture
8. The Impact of Buddhist Sculpture and Painting of Andhra
9. Architecture of Medieval Deccan as a Source of History 10. Word and Form
11. Philosophy of Human Life and the Future of Mankind
12. Unfoldment of Man into Free man 13. Jiddu Krishnamurti : A Solitary Sage
14. Purple Sparks

In the purple sparks the reader can enjoy the hand writing of Sanjiva dev which it self is a welcome feature to the book. They are special expressions both in prose and poetry, which are unique to the author.Philosophy of human life is an expression of creativity and capacity of man on earth. The author’s particular liking to the thought of Jiddu Krishna Murty can be enjoyed in a brief article.