Books in Telugu
Deepthi Dhara (35 Telugu Articles)

Published in various periodicals.
Published in 1975.
Telugu Vidyardhi Prachanalu, Machilipatnam, India.
Price: Rs. 20/- Pp: 270, demy 1/8.
These articles covered analysis and exposition of the views of Sanjiv Dev on Buddhist, Muslim, Deccan, Modern Arts; Bertrand Russel’s, Rahul Sankrutyan, Jiddu Krishna Murty, Lohia, Aurobindo etc..

Gatamloki (50 parts in Telugu)
Third part of trilogy of memoirs.
Published: 1978.
Telugu Vidyardhi Prachanalu. Machilipatnam, India.
Price: Rs. 20/- Pp: 308, demy 1/8.
This book covers the poet Krishna Sastry,lady Chatterley’s lover, Khalil Zebran, Buchhi Babu, Aldous Huxley etc…
This is the third part of the autobiography which covers from 1959 to 1965.Sanjiva Dev dealt with modern art , fine arts , life and culture in this volume.
Every year friends gathered at the residence of Sanjiva Dev on sankranthi had pleasant exchange of views, memories,with out any agenda.
Sanjiva Dev mourned the sad demise of his two closest friends namely Rahul Sankruthayan,Asit Kumar Haldar in the same year.
Sanjiva Dev has written special introduction to the letters of Chalam.