This site wouldn't have seen light, without the active participation of Sri Innaiah.N. I thank Sri Y.V.Rao, Sri B.Mohana Rao, Sri Velaga Venkatappaiah, Sri V.RadhaKrishna (Sri Ramana), Sri P.Kavikumar, Sri Tapaswi and all others who contributed several photos, articles, paintings, tapes, books etc., and made this site a veritable feast for all lovers of Sanjivadev. I also thank Sri Bapu for the beautiful drawing of Sri Dev. Thanks to Sri P.Surya Prakash Reddy and other Web-programmers, whose patience was tested during the making of this site. I also thank my good old friend Sri V.Venkata Rathnam, who encouraged me in troubled times, during the weaving of this website.


     I humbly remember Sri Chalasani Prasada Rao and Sri D.Mahidhar, who, I am sure would have been delighted and contributed their might to this website but for their untimely departure to other abode. Viewers of this website and friends of Dr.Sanjiva Dev may send their feed back to us at the address given in contact us. Based on feed back, suitable additions & alterations may be done in subsequent versions of this site.




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