Life History of Sanjiva Dev

Suryadevara Sanjiva Dev had no formal degrees.He never studied in college or unversity but Andhra University honoured him with D.Litt honoury degree. Born in a village called Tummapudi in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh,India. Mr.Dev evolved into artist,painter,photographer,writer in English and Telugu and above all,a great pen-friend with numerous people throughout the world.

Mr. Sanjiva Dev was born on 3rd july 1914 to Venkayamma (mother),Ramadevarayalu (father).Mr.Dev lost his mother while he was still a child and he was brought up by Chinnavenkata Krishnaiya (fathers brother,theosophist). Mr.Dev was influenced by early thought of Annie-Besant, Jiddu KrishnaMurthy, Arabindo, Tagore, Sarath etc.. He had early schooling in Konayapalem,krishna dist.later Mr.Dev was influenced by Swamy Ramathirdha and writings of Ramkrishna missions publications.

At the age of 26, Mr.Dev left home, toured North India, especially, Himalaya region,Ramakrishna Mission and KuluValley in Himalayas.

Mr.Sanjiva Dev had flair for learning languages quickly,thus he acqainted himself with English,Hindi, Bengali,Urdu,French and Japanese. In Kulu Valley, he met the famous Russian artist Nicholas Roerich. Sanjiva Dev started his writings in early 1939.He serialized his experiences and life in Andhra Prabha Telugu daily,which was published in Madras under editorship of Narla Venkateshwara Rao.