A Brief Description about My Paintings

The grey shadows of the floating clouds crawl, in rhythm and tune, across the ochre rocks like the rushing waves over the golden sands creating a visual melody. The rocks are static the waves kinetic moving from rock and rock. This static-kinetic view has created the impression of the harmony of sound and silence! It is mere a fleeting phenomenon that would vanish into the void along with the complete disappearance of the evanescent sun in the west. After the disappearence of the suns glow would appear the noctural gloom rendering the shadows invisible.I attempted to perpetuate fleeting spectacle on paper inline and tone but failed to do so: it did only remain suface of my sensitive psyche. It is a psychical experssion of a physical imperssion;an intangible noumenon of a tangible phenomenon!

The phenomenal world is an objective reality pertaining to the sense-perceptions while the noumenal world is a subjective ideation pertaining to the abstract conceptions.

None of them is art.

The creation of the synthesis of the two is art.

Mainly there are two sorts of art-the visual and the aural or the auditory, the former belongs to form and the latter to sound.

I am visual artist - a painter,especially a painter of landscapes, depicting the rhythm of the forms of nature, both organic and inorganic, as well as the tune of colour of the delicate changing moods of the atmosphere of nature.

I was not born as an artist; I was born as a man and later, late in my life, I had transformed myself into an artist - a landscape painter - by dint of my own critical cum - creative endeavours.I am self-made. I've never learnt the art of painting from any teacher; I have been mine own teacher.

Especially I am a student of literature, philosophy, psychology etc., interested not in the creation of art but in the appreciation of art. Thus before turning myself into an artist. I had written a number of articles on painting and sculpture. In those days I did not know how to paint but did know how to appreciate the paintings.

When I was not a practical artist, in my teens, I happened, happily to live in the families of the celebrated master artists like Prof Nicholas Roerich in the Western Himalayas, Prof Asit kumar Halder in Lucknow, Prof Bireswar Sen in Lucknow etc.

Strange, despite my stay in the creative company of such masters I remained the same non-artist!

But at the same time I was familiar with the pictorial elements, in theory. Because I was an ameateur photographer of landscapes; in those days I was fully acquainted with the mysteries of pictorialism composition, chromatic affects, perspective, the distinction between the horizontal and the vertical formats etc.

After a number of years of my return to my native village, Thummapudi,in the district of Guntur in A.P., the delightful dawn of the creative aspect of my art did make its advent, in 1960.

The credit goes to my talented friend Sri Achanta Jankiram who is a poet, painter, scholar, an amicable humane human etc., for I was complied to hold the brush due to his affectionate persistent pressure.

Later, I began to be mine own teacher in executing miniature landscapes in water-colours on post-card-size white cards. To the query whether I had begun painting I posted a positive reply to Sri Janakiram.

Trees, hills and streams started to appear in various forms and diverse colours, in miniature format, over my blank cards. I used to wonder as to where had existed these forms before I touched the empty white surface of the cards with my brush!

At that time my artist friend, S.V.Ramarao was studying art at the Madras School of Arts and Crafts. Later he became a reputed artist and since a long time he has been staying in U.S.A. One day, he arrived from Madras and viewed my miniature landscapes, executed in watercolours. He did not know until that moment that I had becomea painter and thus his surprise knew no bounds.

His appreciation of my naive works did impart to me the required impetus as well as creativeinspiration for my further pictorial adventures. After a few days of his return to Madras he was good enough to send me some watercolours,brushes etc., accompained by a letter containing some technical details useful in picture-making.